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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Jul 13, 2018

President Trump is traveling this week. But that doesn’t mean the news has stopped. After leaving the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump traveled to Britain on July 12. He’ll spend the weekend golfing, and then head to Helsinki to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Find President Trump’s full travel schedule here, from The Washington Post

What Happened In Wisconsin

Jul 12, 2018

During the 20th century, Wisconsin was the embodiment of what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called a “laboratory of democracy” — an experiment in social and economic innovation, and a prospective blueprint for other states.

A bastion of progressive values, Wisconsin created the first workers’ compensation program, a progressive state income tax, stricter child labor laws, and the first unemployment insurance program. Much of FDR’s New Deal was even authored by Wisconsin natives.

America, Allies And A Changing World Order

Jul 12, 2018

President Trump visited Brussels, Belgium for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meetings and he had some sharp words for allies of America.

What Manhood Means Today

Jul 11, 2018

Anna Sale is not afraid to talk about things that might make you … uncomfortable. Namely, Death, Sex and Money. That’s also the title of her podcast from WNYC.

She’s joining us to talk about the show’s latest series, about manhood.

From the show’s description:

Since President Trump took office, there’s been a wave of people calling for his impeachment on the grounds of financial conflicts of interest and the Russia probe.

Last year, we discussed how plausible that might be. Guest Allan Lichtman, author of “The Case for Impeachment,” told the panel about his hypothesis: