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Left of the Dial takes its name from the Replacements song of the same name, and is a reference to the position of the radio dial on which non-commercial radio stations are typically located. In the era of college radio these stations were reliable sources of independent, unsigned, and otherwise “underground” artists.

Left of the Dial is a radio program molded in that tradition, with a strong focus on new music but with a flexibility to allow a variety of genres, themes, and eras to be explored.

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j. carl brown / KRCU

This week we've got new music from Deerhoof. Mountain Moves is one of the San Francisco band’s most accessible albums, despite being a relentless mashup of genres including chamber music, hip-hop, and avant-garde jazz. It also features a slew of high-profile guests including Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab. 

We'll also hear the latest from the Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr. Relatives in Descent is as upsetting as it is beautiful. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

This weekend you can watch Thor: Ragnarok or you can watch SITTING, a film directed by Emily Yoshida and staring Mitski, who plays a professional "sitter," who watches as people take a designer drug that allows them to literally see God. Actually you can do both; SITTING is only 7 and-a-half minutes long. Or neither. I can't tell you what to do. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

Sharon Jones sadly died of cancer last year, but while receiving treatment managed to record one last album. Soul of a Woman by Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings is high-energy, bold, and ultimately optimistic. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

Morrissey got on Twitter just in time for 280 characters, though it looks like it's just a promotional account. Guy would probably like it.  Anyway, he's got a new album on the way, titled Low in High School

j. carl brown / KRCU

Ariel Pink's latest album is titled Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. Jameson is a '60s-era LA singer songwriter who was long thought dead until he reemerged by way of a blog and YouTube channel in 2007. Jameson has since pass away in 2015 and Ariel Pink, using the autobiographical elements of Jameson's online presence has constructed a musical tribute to his life.