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In order to balance their Fiscal Year 2018 budget and cover known budget needs for FY 2019, Southeast Missouri State University will soon be cutting staff positions across campus.


Southeast President Dr. Carlos Vargas announced yesterday that 35-40 vacant and filled full-time staff positions, which make up 4% of the university’s workforce, will be eliminated. The first round of staff members being impacted will be notified Jan. 29 through Feb. 2 with a second round of notification meetings happening at the beginning of May.

Missouri's $27 billion state budget is on its way to the Senate.

The House Thursday passed all 13 budget bills, which includes a nearly $9 million cut to higher education.

For that reason, several state representatives voted against the higher ed bill, HB 2003.

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Revenue collections in Missouri slowed a bit last month, but continued their overall upward trend.  From July of 2012 through the end of May, the state took in $7.3 billion dollars in revenues, an increase of more than 10 percent from May of 2012.  

The year-to-date increase from April of this year, though, was more than 11 percent.  Missouri Budget Director Linda Luebbering blames the drop on fewer sales tax collections, but says the overall revenue trend looks good.

Mo. House Passes State Budget

Mar 29, 2013
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Missouri’s budget for the next fiscal year has been passed by the State House. While Medicaid expansion has dominated most of the debate, spending hikes were approved in other areas.

There’s an extra $65 million for K-12 schools, although the spending hike still falls short of fully funding the state’s public school formula. Republican Mike Lair of Livingston County chairs the Appropriations committee on Education.

State Budget Endorsed; Medicaid Expansion Defeated

Mar 27, 2013
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The Missouri House has given first-round approval to the state budget for Fiscal Year 2014, while House Republicans beat back three attempts to expand Medicaid.

First, the GOP majority defeated a motion Tuesday morning to send one of the budget bills back to committee and then add Medicaid expansion to it. Then last night, two amendments were voted down which would have expanded Medicaid by about $944 million. The motion was made by Democrat Jeff Roorda of Jefferson County.