Cape Girardeau City Council

  Four spots including mayor will open up on the Cape Girardeau City Council during the next general election in April 2018.


Ward 1 and Ward 6 councilmen Joseph Uzoaru and Danny Essner will not seek re-election next year.  


Meanwhile, Ward 2 councilwoman Shelly Moore has announced she will run again. Current Ward 5 councilman Bob Fox has voiced his interest in running for mayor, since Mayor Harry Rediger is term-limited.


Danny Essner

An interim councilman was appointed by the Cape Girardeau City Council Monday to fill the vacancy in Ward 6, formerly held by councilman Wayne Bowen. Danny Essner will temporarily fill the seat until next April.


Previously, Essner served on the city’s Parks and Recreation board for nine years, as well as the transportation committee for the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce, among others. Essner says he’s joining the city council because he’s committed to public service.


City of Cape Girardeau

Last week, Cape Girardeau’s Ward 6 councilman Wayne Bowen attended his last city council meeting. Mayor Harry Rediger recognized Dr. Bowen for his dedication to Ward 6, and the work he’s done in support of public safety. We spoke with Mayor Rediger about Dr. Bowen’s run as councilman, and their priorities in filling the vacancy.


Grojean: First, go ahead and tell me about Wayne and what he did for Cape Girardeau as a councilman, sort of his legacy to the city.


The Cape Girardeau City Council on October 1, 2012.
Jacob McCleland / KRCU

The Cape Girardeau City Council met on Monday, March 16 and approved a Capital Improvements Plan and gave first round approval to the recommendations of pay study the city had completed by an independent firm.

Samantha Rinehart is a reporter with the Southeast Missourian and she says the approval of the new police station and the new transfer station were highlights of the CIP. Both are now fully funded.

At the city council meeting on March 2nd, Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation made a proposal to the council regarding the funding of a new skatepark for the city of Cape Girardeau.

According to Parks and Recreation director Julia Thompson, the idea for a new skate park is not a new one. It all started years ago when the city was looking at the passage of a parks and stormwater tax. The city compiled a list of park amenities that citizens would be interested in supporting, including a skatepark.