Casey Brunke

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Monday night, the Cape Girardeau City Council approved plans to reconstruct Sloan Creek Bridge on Big Bend Road near Isle Casino.

City engineer, Casey Brunke says the columns of the bridge are in good shape, but what needs repair is what’s considered the superstructure of the bridge: the driving surface and the structure outside of the ground. She says detours will be put in place when construction begins, and local traffic will be able to use the Main Street Bridge that was closed with the casino development.

Broadway Street in Cape Girardeau will soon be getting a little brighter. On Monday, the city council approved to enter into a contract with Cotner Electric Company for their Broadway LED Streetlight Conversion Project.


City engineer Casey Brunke says currently, some areas of the street are darker than others, which they hope to fix by replacing the high pressure sodium street lights hanging over the center of the corridor with LED lights.


Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Repairs began Monday on a water main in downtown Cape Girardeau that broke and was repaired over Memorial Day weekend. But a quality renovation was pushed back to avoid summer traffic and the Fourth of July holiday.


City engineer, Casey Brunke, says as they replace the asphalt-patched street with concrete, they’ll also install a stronger pipe.


Tori Bowden / KRCU

Construction crews removed a chunk of Aquamsi Street in downtown Cape Girardeau and are replacing it with green space in front of the Red House Interpretive Center.

The project will give the Red House more room for activities, and remove a piece of road that has become obsolete now that Main Street is no longer one-way. Construction is complete. The last remaining step is to plant the grass.

It’s part of a larger Transportation Trust Fund 4 project that will redesign William Street between Kingshighway and the Mississippi River.

Jacob McCleland / KRCU

Crews began demolishing the old Convention and Visitor's Bureau building in downtown Cape Girardeau on Monday. The building at 100 Broadway is coming down because it does not fit in with downtown's architectural style. The building is also in a state of disrepair. 

The demolition will be done before the the Great Race on June 25th but the contract allows 75 days for it to be completed, according to City Engineer Casey Brunke.