City of Cape Girardeau

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Today on Going Public, we talk with Nicolette Brennan, public information officer for the city of Cape Girardeau and her intern, Amanda Rogers, about their new educational program called the “Citizens Academy.” We spoke mainly with Amanda, who says the program will give participants a behind-the-scenes look at local government.

To find out more about the Citizens Academy, visit:

In an effort to improve traffic flow on Independence Street, automated traffic count devices will soon be installed between Gordonville Road and Sunset Boulevard. Field personnel will be collecting data over the next several weeks to improve congested areas and overall safety of the street.

Public meetings will be scheduled following the traffic study to share potential ideas and recommendations for Independence Street, and projects carried out as a result of the study and public meetings will be funded by Transportation Trust Fund 5.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The City of Cape Girardeau is adopting a new comprehensive planning process called "Cape Vision 2040".


Since adopting their current plan a decade ago, new developments have taken place in the city, and the community’s focus has shifted to new issues. According to city planner Ryan Shrimplin, these are two indicators that pushed the city to hire a consultant to develop a long-range blueprint for the growth and development of Cape Girardeau.


City of Cape Girardeau

Last week, Cape Girardeau’s Ward 6 councilman Wayne Bowen attended his last city council meeting. Mayor Harry Rediger recognized Dr. Bowen for his dedication to Ward 6, and the work he’s done in support of public safety. We spoke with Mayor Rediger about Dr. Bowen’s run as councilman, and their priorities in filling the vacancy.


Grojean: First, go ahead and tell me about Wayne and what he did for Cape Girardeau as a councilman, sort of his legacy to the city.


A software glitch in the City of Cape Girardeau’s sewer billing system has caused customers to be charged incorrectly for the month of July. The city of Cape Girardeau recently converted its billing software to a new system causing some sewer customers to be overcharged due to a glitch.