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Cape Girardeau Gears Up For The Great Race

May 3, 2013

Cape Girardeau’s streets may look like they are stuck in a time warp on June 25. At least one-hundred vintage cars will wind through the streets as participants in The Great Race make an overnight stop in Cape Girardeau.

The Great Race stretches from St. Paul, Minnesota to Mobile, Alabama. But this won’t be like any regular antique car show. Over the period of about 90 minutes, one car per minute will arrive at the finish line in downtown Cape Girardeau.

Paper Bag Records

The early songs of Young Galaxy are slow-burners, lots of feedback and echo and space. But even then, they’ve always sounded like they secretly wanted to accompany the end credits of a John Hughes teen drama. To be the poignant punctuation to some grand statement about something that a lot of adults go on to realize wasn’t so grand after all. The great achievement of a good pop song is that it can say in three and a half minutes what might take 90 minutes in a film.


The Besnard Lakes have a reputation for dwelling in cool fog. Their music is hazy and it slowly rolls along the surface. On their fourth album Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO the Montreal band continues its journey through feedback and reverb to places that are meditative and beautiful.

De-Extinction: Just Around The Corner?

Mar 29, 2013
Mike Tyler / National Geographic Magazine

We may soon have to reclassify extinction, according to a new report in National Geographic Magazine. Some species may only be “bodily extinct,” but not genetically, because scientists are closing in on the technology to clone species that no longer roam the earth.

Dayna Smith / Simon & Schuster

The Civil War was an issue of states rights, not slavery. That’s the “Big Lie” that Tracy Thompson targets in her new book, “The New Mind of the South.”