Left of the Dial

Adam Kissick / NPR

This week it's the third and final program featuring highlights from this year's Newport Folk Festival, courtesy of NPR music. We've saved some of the best performances for last so make yourself another turkey sandwich, pour yourself the beverage that warms you best, and warm up your speakers with some great music. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

As this week's show came together it occured to me how many '80s and '90s-era bands with new music were on the playlist. 

The Dream Syndicate, key members of the Paisley Underground scene, have just released How Did I Find Myself Here, their first album since 1988. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

This week we've got new music from Deerhoof. Mountain Moves is one of the San Francisco band’s most accessible albums, despite being a relentless mashup of genres including chamber music, hip-hop, and avant-garde jazz. It also features a slew of high-profile guests including Lætitia Sadier of Stereolab. 

We'll also hear the latest from the Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr. Relatives in Descent is as upsetting as it is beautiful. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

This weekend you can watch Thor: Ragnarok or you can watch SITTING, a film directed by Emily Yoshida and staring Mitski, who plays a professional "sitter," who watches as people take a designer drug that allows them to literally see God. Actually you can do both; SITTING is only 7 and-a-half minutes long. Or neither. I can't tell you what to do. 

j. carl brown / KRCU

The vocal-pop supergroup The Flat Five have a jaunty and swingin' adaptation of "The Raven." Your feet will be still nevermore.