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Dan Woods / KRCU

Dan Woods sat down with Jason Sides, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, Philosophy & Religion, to talk about the state of the race for governor and U.S. Senate in Missouri.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head in the first presidential debate Monday night.

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Going Public: How Asian American Vote Could Impact Presidential Election

Sep 16, 2016
Courtesy of Alton Wang

 A 2012 census bureau report showed Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group in the nation. But with election season in full swing, Asian American voices are largely being left out of the political conversation. KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with Alton Wang, a Communications and Development Associate from the Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote--or APIAVote to explain why this is.

Lewis-Thompson: Why are we missing out or just not hearing from Asian American voices this political season?

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Falls Short of Win For Governor in Primary Race

Aug 3, 2016
Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder fell short of clinching the Republican nomination in the race for governor. To a large crowd Tuesday night, Kinder delivered an impassioned speech, praising his supporters and staff for their hard work and contributions to his campaign.

“I am filled with an emotion that is very hard to express tonight with overwhelming gratitude,” Kinder said.  

Although he did not come out on top in his seventh political race, Kinder said he ran an honest campaign that did not stoop to what he calls “mudslinging.”

Local Lawmaker Endorses Controversial "Religious Shield" Legislation

Apr 10, 2016
Missouri House of Representatives


The disputed Missouri legislation that would provide protections for clergy members and business owners from being penalized for their refusal to take part in same-sex weddings has a new supporter. Sen. Wayne Wallingford spoke with KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson to explain why he pledged his support.

Lewis-Thompson: Welcome Sen. Wallingford.

Wallingford: Thank you.