Sainte Genevieve

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Last week, Ste. Genevieve broke ground on a new water park. The final installment of an expansion project by Ste. Genevieve county, plans for the park have been in the works for about a year, and it’s expected to be completed within another year.

Previous projects within the expansion included a baseball field, completed in 2015; a playground and tennis courts, completed in 2016; and a sports complex, completed in June of last year. The county passed a sales tax in April of 2017 to fund the water park portion.

The number of influenza cases in Sainte Genevieve County has reached a record high.  The county’s health department reported 101 lab-confirmed flu cases over the week of Christmas, 79 the following week, and 90 so far this week. Nearly 340 total cases have been reported for 2018, twice as many than were reported this time last year, and 90% have been confirmed Type A Influenza.