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Each week, Ellen Farrow will share what's on stage...what's happening behind the scenes...and all the latest River Campus activities. Ellen is the Box Office Manager at the River Campus.

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Spring into Dance at the River Campus

Mar 20, 2018
Southeast Missouri State University

If you think you’ve seen all the dancing that can be done on stage at the River Campus, take note: the dance students are about to go airborne. 

The annual Spring Into Dance concert opens in April, and Artistic Director Hilary Peterson tells us about some of the exciting new things in store.

You can get tickets now at As always, I hope to see you soon at the Box Office! 

Southeast Missouri State University

It’s a rare opportunity when taking in entertainment directly helps students make it big, but that’s just what the annual Theatre & Dance Extravaganza is all about. 

The Extravaganza is a night of entertainment, including acting, singing, and dancing, for a good cause. Funds raised allow graduating seniors to go to New York City or Los Angeles to showcase their talents and network with agents, managers, and casting directors as they launch their careers.

Southeast Missouri State University

This week brings us shows at the River Campus that bring new meaning to the phrase "hard hitting."

Spring must mean it’s time for the Spring Percussion Ensemble and Steel Drum Band concert. If you’ve never been to a percussion concert, it’s difficult to imagine drums making complete music, but that’s just what happens when these students take the stage.  On March 8, you can hear the Ensemble’s rendition of favorites like “La Bamba,” “I Can See Clearly Now,” and “Jump in the Line (Shake Serona).”

Southeast Missouri State University

Think topping the charts is tough for two weeks … try two centuries. 

The most famous symphony ever written by perhaps the most famous composer ever … Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is presented by the Southeast Missouri Symphony on March 6. We talked with Hayley Huntley about this iconic piece of music.

You’ll want to get your tickets now. And you can do that and find all the info at and as always, I hope to see you soon at the Box Office! 

It's March Madness at the River Campus

Feb 20, 2018
Southeast Missouri State University

What do clarinets, drums, and rocks have in common? If you guessed a hip new band, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

Let’s try splitting that trio up. First, tomorrow evening (February 22, 2018) you can see clarinetist Gabrielle Baffoni and percussionist Chris Wilson in Duets. This Chamber Music concert in the Shuck Recital Hall is part of the River Campus’ $10 entertainment.