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Each week, Ellen Farrow will share what's on stage...what's happening behind the scenes...and all the latest River Campus activities. Ellen is the Box Office Manager at the River Campus.

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Southeast Missouri State University

Whether it’s one of your favorite works of art or you’ve never experienced it, Southeast’s Department of Music is making opera available and enjoyable to the masses.

Southeast Missouri State University

Happy New Year! As 2018 begins, I encourage you to make one of your New Year’s resolutions visiting the River Campus and all it has to offer.

A Preview of the 2018 Summer Arts Festival

Dec 26, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

You know how retail outlets no sooner wrap up one holiday before the next is on the shelves? We’re taking a page out of their playbook and bringing you talk of summer on this December day.

Southeast's Dance Program Receives Accreditation

Dec 19, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

If you’re going to study something you hope to do for the rest of your life, you want to learn from the best. And, that’s just what students at Southeast’s Holland School of Visual & Performing Arts do.

Southeast Missouri State University

Pumpkin, check. Godmother, check. Slippers and mice, check … no that’s not some wild holiday gathering checklist. It’s Cinderella at the River Campus!

Southeast’s Department of Music is deep in rehearsals for the annual opera and this year, they’re staging Cinderella. This timeless fairy tale is presented in English with melodies reminiscent of Chopin and Tchaikovsky.