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Each week, Ellen Farrow will share what's on stage...what's happening behind the scenes...and all the latest River Campus activities. Ellen is the Box Office Manager at the River Campus.

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Southeast Missouri State University

Music, music, and more music is filling the halls at the River Campus this week.

Southeast is fortunate to get world class musicians from all over on its stages and some of them even work here. New professors Joseph Jefferson and Sophia Hahn join Southeast to teach jazz and violin, respectively. You can hear their talents for yourself on Friday, September 22 but we caught up with them to talk about their concert and music in general. 

Southeast Students Reflect on Studying Opera Abroad

Sep 12, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

How about the chance to learn more about what the passion you are pursuing internationally? That’s just what some Southeast music majors did this summer.

This week, we talk with Dr. Chris Goeke of Southeast’s Department of Music and three students who tell us about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study opera abroad.

You can hear more from them this season, just visit for a full calendar of events. I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!

Great Places to See Art at Southeast

Sep 5, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

Think date night entertainment is expensive? You take care of dinner and the babysitter, the River Campus has you covered on activities.

A Talk with the cast of "An American Hero"

Aug 29, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

Students are back at the River Campus. Classes have begun, and rehearsals are in full swing.

This fall The Conservatory of Theatre and Dance will not only premiere a brand new musical, they’ll premiere one written by a recently graduated student and a faculty member. We caught up with the cast of "An American Hero" to hear about rehearsals, the pressures of performing something that hasn’t been done before and the expectations of having authors they actually know.

Five Questions for the Director of the River Campus

Aug 22, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

Telling you what’s happening at the River Campus is often an impossible task in two minutes, so we’ve called in an expert.

This week we chat with the director of the River Campus, Rhonda Weller-Stilson as another season gets underway about what she’d like you to know … what you can expect … and why it’s truly an environment like no other.

1. What’s the thing you are most looking forward to this season?