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Each week, Ellen Farrow will share what's on stage...what's happening behind the scenes...and all the latest River Campus activities. Ellen is the Box Office Manager at the River Campus.

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Five Questions for the Director of the River Campus

Aug 22, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

Telling you what’s happening at the River Campus is often an impossible task in two minutes, so we’ve called in an expert.

This week we chat with the director of the River Campus, Rhonda Weller-Stilson as another season gets underway about what she’d like you to know … what you can expect … and why it’s truly an environment like no other.

1. What’s the thing you are most looking forward to this season?

Southeast Missouri State University

Did you know some of the talented artists exhibited at the River Campus aren’t even in college yet?

Each year, the Crisp Museum solicits artwork from high school students in the region for the annual high school art exhibition. Call for artwork is currently underway with entries being accepted next February.

The art may be produced in any medium by students in grades 11 and 12 from Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. 

Eclipse Activities at the River Campus

Aug 9, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

A shadow moves across the landscape. Birds stop singing. Crickets start chirping. The temperature falls. That’s what scientists and astronomers tell us we have to look forward to experiencing in a few weeks during the Great American Eclipse.

On August 21, Cape Girardeau will see a total solar eclipse, experiencing one minute and forty-one seconds of the moon moving in front of the sun blocking its light. You can experience this fascinating event at the River Campus with some eclipsed-themed entertainment all for free! 

Don't Miss "Broadway's Next Hit Musical"

Aug 1, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

Imagine buying tickets to a show that hasn’t even had its script written yet … that’s just what’s happening with the upcoming performance of "Broadway’s Next Hit Musical."

This touring production will take the Bedell stage on August 26. The comedy takes place during an awards show where master improvisers gather made up hit song suggestions from the audience and then create a spontaneous evening of music, humor, and laughter. Assistant Director of the River Campus Bob Cerchio says while it may be a new show to the River Campus, it’s an old concept.

Professor of Double Reeds to Showcase New Technique

Jul 25, 2017
Southeast Missouri State University

At the River Campus, our faculty don’t just teach. You can find them on stage and in studio performing themselves and in some cases alongside students.

This fall marks Jacqueline Wilson’s third year at Southeast, an environment she says is unlike any other. Wilson is professor of double reeds and says she enjoys the mentorship opportunity she has with her students. In addition to teaching, Wilson can also be found on stage at the River Campus as a performer. She also believes in continuing to learn and has spent her summer learning a new technique she’ll debut this year.