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Each month, KRCU sits down with Dr. Carlos Vargas, President of Southeast Missouri State University, to discuss happenings at the institution as well as Higher Education broadly.


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The video companion to Vargas Speaks is called Focus on Southeast. You can watch monthly episodes by clicking on the links below.

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Vargas Speaks - Episode 7

Oct 25, 2016
Southeast Missouri State University

Dan Woods sat down with Southeast President Carlos Vargas on Tuesday, October 18 for their monthly conversation about issues and events impacting the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

Woods began by asking the president about two reports of sexual assault on the campus in 2016 and the the university handles those situations. 

Southeast Missouri State University

Dan Woods spoke with Southeast President Carlos Vargas on September 20, 2016. They discussed several topics including the new Rust Center for Media and about the freshman enrollment increase for the fall semester.

Dr. Vargas said that the university is very excited about the new Rust Center for Media and noted its special significance for the Rust family. He noted, "It was the result of the efforts that Gary and Wendy's sons have put in motion to try to honor their father."

Southeast Missouri State University

On Thursday, August 18, Dan Woods sat down for his monthly conversation with Southeast President Carlos Vargas. It happened to be on move-in day at Southeast. Dr. Vargas and Dan talked about an increase in freshman attending the university and about the new Towers Cafe. He also told Dan about the two big goals for the university this year.

Vargas Speaks - Episode 5

Aug 22, 2016
Dan Woods / KRCU

Woods: It's a very busy time as we welcome students back for another semester and we have about a 10% increase in freshman I think you told me?

Vargas Speaks - Episode 4

Jun 27, 2016
Southeast Missouri State University / KRCU

Let's start with some recent news about the rape case at Stanford University. In that case, there has been a national uproar because some have said the student convicted of assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus was too lenient.

This is a serious topic to be sure. I wanted to ask you how our university handles these types of situations and it just so happens that Southeast has produced a new brochure to help students and faculty navigate through this area. Why don't you tell us more about that.