Trump's Migrant Family Policy Now Moves To The Courts

The controversy over President Trump's executive order to end the policy of separating migrant families who cross into the U.S. illegally is shifting to the courts. On Thursday, the Department of Justice asked a federal judge in California to relax certain limitations on how long and under what conditions the government can detain migrant children. In another courtroom in California, a different federal judge will hear arguments on Friday in a case about family separations and the status of...

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Vega Drafted by Cubs, Dirden Earns Honors

Senior right-handed pitcher Carlos Vega was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 21st round of the 2018 Major League Baseball Draft earlier this month. Vega is the first Redhawk to be drafted by the Cubs. Vega went 8-3 and led SEMO with a 2.45 ERA this season. He appeared in 20 games and made nine starts. The Silver City, New Mexico native began the 2018 campaign as a closer, but moved to the starting rotation in time for Ohio Valley Conference play. He pitched 73.1 innings with 85 strikeouts...

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Flat River, Missouri's favorite son - Ferlin  Husky - rose to fame with his 1960 song  "On the Wings of a Dove."
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On the Wings of a Dove

Few species manipulate their surroundings enough to make big ecological changes. Humans are one. Beavers are another.

Robert Lee, Chelsea Magee and Colt Chambers are political activists who all sound pretty typical for their generation when it comes to issues like immigration and same-sex marriage.

New advances in medicine also tend to come with a hefty dose of hype. Yes, some new cancer drugs in the hot field of precision medicine have worked remarkably well for some patients. But while many patients clamor for them, they aren't currently effective for the vast majority of cancers.

All it took was one Facebook post and it seemed the whole Internet, or Twitter at least, knew what happened at The Red Hen in Lexington, Va., on Friday night.

The Facebook status update posted by a server at the small farm-to-table restaurant in the Shenandoah Valley read: "I just served Sarah huckabee sanders for a total of 2 minutes before my owner asked her to leave." The post has since been deleted.

On Monday, June 18, rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in Florida. The fallout from his death has been complicated given the rapper's dark past. In 2016, he was charged with aggravated assault and battery and false imprisonment of a pregnant victim.

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Barbershop: The Media And The White House

Jun 23, 2018

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This past Sunday, as many Americans wrapped up their Father's Day celebrations, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller — purported architect of the administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy at the southern border — had a hankering for Mexican food.

He decided on Espita Mezcaleria in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C., where the menu features dishes from southern Mexico, including a vegetarian mole verde for $22 and fish tacos "to share" for $35.

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Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, bearing flags and seeking a glimpse of a reformist leader whose tenure is just months old. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was in the central Meskel Square to deliver a speech — but not long after he finished, a deadly blast unraveled the crowd.


Left Of The Dial #631- Radio & Food

Cigarettes After Sex have a new song, "Crush," recorded at the same time they recorded their outstanding self-titled album released last year, and it's so good that it could have been the standout track on it. There's no official video at this time but its moody atmospheric sound lends itself well to visuals, as demonstrated by a couple of well-produced fan edits. The following video comes from the YouTube channel i'm cyborg but that's ok , one that's dedicated to pairing hip tunes with hip...

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'Born Trump' Examines The 'Emotional Hold' The President Has On His Family

Much has been written about Donald Trump as a politician and as a businessman, but a new book by Vanity Fair journalist Emily Jane Fox looks at the president through a different lens: as the head of a family. Fox's new book, Born Trump: Inside America's First Family , focuses on Trump's three marriages and five children — as well as on his relationship with son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. Fox describes Trump as an unconventional father who "spent time with the children on his terms,...

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