Missouri Gas Prices Lowest In The Nation

Dec 16, 2014
Samantha Powers / KRCU

Missouri’s gas prices are the lowest in the nation at $2.21 per gallon, according to the website Gas in Cape Girardeau isn’t quite that low - most stations are charging between $2.29 and $2.39 for regular unleaded. Mike Right from the American Automobile Association attributes the low gas prices to a decrease in the cost of crude oil, an increase in oil production, and flat demand. “There’s a basic disconnect between the supply and demand - disconnect from the point of view of the pro

Jessica Penland / KRCU

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) celebrated the opening of their new branch in Cape Girardeau, Mo. with a ribbon cutting ceremony and an open house on Monday.

According to Regional Director Joey Keys, the BBB is a non-profit organization that serves consumers and businesses

They opened a new branch to better serve the 92 counties in the eastern Missouri and the southern Illinois region, he said.

Kristofor Husted / Harvest Public Media

About 3,500 animals are taken in at the Humane Society in Cape Girardeau, Mo., every year. To help benefit animals, the organization is holding its first grocery shopping spree giveaway.

“We’re really excited, “ office manager Tracy Poston said. “This is our first ever grocery shopping spree and we’ve teamed up with Food Giant. The raffle tickets are going to be $10 a piece or three for $25.”

The winner of the raffle will have eight minutes to load their shopping cart full of food.

Some restrictions apply.

St. Francis Medical Center is developing a new facility in Dexter, Mo.

With more than 45,000 square feet, the facility will contain oncology care with an infusion center, radiology care, cardiology care, laboratory services, an urgent care center, outpatient physical therapy services and a health and wellness center.

Uptown Jackson Revitalization Organization / Uptown Jackson Revitalization Organization

The Uptown Jackson Revitalization Organization have been selected to become an affiliate community of the Missouri Main Street Connection.

This program aims at enhancing “the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of historic downtown business districts in Missouri.” It provides communities with the tools they need to revitalize their downtown or uptown historic areas.