Sep 2, 2016

Today on KRCU’s Going Public, we’re talking all things literacy with my guests Dr. Debra Porter and Dr. Dixie McCollum from the department of Elementary, Early and Special Education. We’ll talk about the Read to Succeed Plus Reading Academy through the university and how it’s improved the reading skills of kids in the community. We’ll also hear from Missouri House Representative Kathy Swan discussing her dyslexia legislation, which took effect this week.

Southeast Missouri State University

On Thursday, August 18, Dan Woods sat down for his monthly conversation with Southeast President Carlos Vargas. It happened to be on move-in day at Southeast. Dr. Vargas and Dan talked about an increase in freshman attending the university and about the new Towers Cafe. He also told Dan about the two big goals for the university this year.

Vargas Speaks - Episode 5

Aug 22, 2016
Dan Woods / KRCU

Woods: It's a very busy time as we welcome students back for another semester and we have about a 10% increase in freshman I think you told me?

Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/KRCU

Dyslexia is a common problem many students face in Missouri. However, a new law will require all Missouri students to be screened for the learning disability. KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with State Rep. Kathy Swan who helped spearhead the legislation.

Lewis-Thompson: Recently governor Nixon signed into law a piece of legislation that you constructed about dyslexia. Can tell me a little bit about what the new law will do?

Vargas Speaks - Episode 3

May 31, 2016
Dan Woods / KRCU

Dan Woods sat down with Southeast President Carlos Vargas on Wednesday, May 25 and talked about a range of topics including the Spring 2016 commencement, next year's budget for higher education in Missouri, how tuition rates at Southeast compare with other area institutions and an update on the Greek Village.

Woods: So, it's been a busy month...inauguration at the beginning of the month and then commencement and I understand we had a record-breaking number of graduates.