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Iggy Pop has teamed up with Josh Homme, who is likely best known for his band Queens of the Stone age. Supposedly the two worked in secret on Post Pop Depression and if the lead single "Gardenia" is any indication, Pop's proto-punk sensibilities mesh well with the muscular subtlety of Homme's production and guitar playing. 

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Last week, the city of Jackson opened its new civic center to a crowd of nearly 400 people. It's equipped with a new gym that doubles as a FEMA safe room, and a banquet hall. But the upgrades to the city are just beginning. Recently, I spoke with the city of Jackson Mayor Dwain Hahs about what local residents can expect this year.

Lewis-Thompson: You're listening to KRCU and I'm Marissanne Lewis-Thompson. And joining me in the studio today is the city of Jackson Mayor Dwain Hahs. So welcome Mayor Hahs.

Hahs: Thank you, Marissa.

Left Of The Dial #59 - Missourealism

Jan 29, 2016
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Is Florida the United State's most reviled state? Animal Collective seems to have picked up on that shade and responded with a track called "FloriDada," from their tenth album Painting With. Animal Collective have also released an app for iOS that allows users to connect two devices and paint together as they listen to music from the new album. 

Did you go to a New Year’s Eve Party? Can you believe that happened THIS MONTH?

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For almost a year, presidential candidates have been crisscrossing Iowa, wooing voters in a state that relies on agriculture for about one-third of its economy. But even here, most voters live in cities or suburbs and don’t have a first-hand connection to the farm.

That makes it difficult to get candidates talking about food system issues from school lunches, to crop supports, to water quality. Yet these all fall under the federal agriculture department. If candidates aren’t talking about them in Iowa, it’s possible they’ll be left out of the campaigns entirely.