10.) Freakwater - Scheherazade

Americana with a punk sensibility is no longer reason enough to pay attention, but Freakwater have been doing it since the late ‘80s, playing open-mic gigs in strip clubs in their hometown of Louisville, KY. The urgent harmonies of Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin coupled with the dark and turbulent psych-country music form into what is truly a rebellious soundtrack for rural America. 

Southeast Missouri State University

On the 16th of November, a Wednesday, the Redhawks Women’s Basketball team tipped off in the middle of the day. The 11 o’clock in the morning game was part of a special promotion called "Classroom on the Court."

The Redhawks hosted kids and teachers who took a school-day field trip to cheer on the women’s basketball team play Western Illinois University at the Show Me Center. Southeast Athletics provided free admission to more than 2,100 students, teachers and chaperones to participate in the event, and Cape Air donated Redhawk cinch bags for the students to take home.

Terese Nielsen /

Heroes, Villains, Monsters is a showcase of comic book and fantasy art on display at the Crisp Museum at Southeast’s River Campus. Terese Nielsen is among the artists who are featured in this exhibition, and she was present for the launch event in November. Nielsen is perhaps best known for her artwork in the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. Her figures have a striking beauty to them, and are powerful, by way of their physicality, or perhaps with a cunning look.

When Nelson Mandela spoke at the International AIDS Conference in 2000 in South Africa, no one knew what the future held for the epidemic. 15 years later, the global AIDS response has been transformed.

Today is World AIDS Day. While 15 million people have been reached with AIDS treatment since Nelson Mandela’s speech, there is still much work to be done.

Cape Girardeau musicians Jess Stacy and Peg Meyer became part of the movement that led to the transition of Dixieland jazz to swing.
Southeast Missouri State University

It seems like Almost Yesterday that a new musical sound came up the Mississippi from the south.  It moved north with the orchestras of the river excursion boats.  Thus, Cape Girardeau was among the first communities in the nation to receive this new music.