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Members of the choir meet for their weekly rehearsal at this Cape Girardeau church. One by one, they’re filling the pews--waiting for their cue to sing and cut loose.

The choir’s director is “Natasha” - we’re changing her name for her protection. Vocally she’s a force of nature singing with power and conviction. But behind that voice is a single mom of three who is currently homeless. Her life now is a stark contrast from the nuclear family she was raised in.

Growing up she had both parents in the home. She went to church every day.

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Near Alexander, Iowa, on a cloudy spring Tuesday, Josh Nelson watches a bright red Case IH Magnum tractor pull a 24-row planter and crest a small hill, dropping corn seed at careful intervals. Nelson says his family farm dodged a weather bullet this week, but it’s just one of many hurdles this season promises.

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The population of Northern Colorado is booming. People are flocking to the area and population numbers are on the rise.

The same thing is happening with dairy cows.

Weld and Larimer counties already sport high numbers of beef and dairy cattle, buttressed by the region’s feeding operations. But an expansion of a cheese factory owned by dairy giant Leprino Foods will require even more cows to churn out the milk needed to produce bricks of mozzarella cheese and whey protein powder.

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Rick Burchett’s career as a comic book artist has included work with a variety of characters and types of stories, including a satirical reboot of E-Man, and The Death of Superman. He’s twice received an Eisner Award, an honor frequently described as the “Oscar of comics” for his work on The Batman and Robin Adventures and Batman: The Gotham Adventures.

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  Sitting in a corner of the Girardot Center basement, teen Luke Clinton is waiting--waiting for his main girl, Casey. With a brown nose, a big smile and large floppy ears she’s far from your average girl. Casey’s a dog.

The two were brought together through the Early Prevention Impacts Communities Coalition program EPIC Pals. The program works to build protective factors in at risk youth like impulse control and good decision making in order to prevent substance abuse. As a result, the youth are able to use those same skills to build healthy relationships with their dogs.