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Gesturing toward the White House, a senator once facetiously asked Calvin Coolidge, "Who lives there?" Coolidge replied, "No one. They just come and go."

Though Coolidge was correct that occupants of the White House are only temporary tenants, their impact is often felt long after they move out. And perhaps nowhere is this more the case than with dining and entertaining. Each first family has left its own culinary imprint on the country and the executive mansion.

Visit Cape

Head to Rusted Route Farms this Friday, January 19, for "An Evening with Maggie Rose," an Emmy-winning country pop star. With more than 50 performances at the Grand Ole Opry under her belt, Maggie is one of country music’s rising stars presenting a memorable night out.

Missouri Department of Conservation. / KRCU

January 17 - January 23

Discover Nature this week as the Bald Eagle population peaks near open water and big rivers throughout Missouri.

Our state welcomes record numbers of bald eagles each winter and it has some of the most spectacular viewing areas in all of the lower 48 states because of the many prime wintering locations for the eagles. Some of these areas include Lake of the Ozarks, Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, and anywhere along the Mississippi or Missouri rivers, just to name a few.

Cape Chamber

Cape’s regional hub status has long been an important part of our identity, one we must work to maintain in the years ahead. 

Growing up in Bernie, Mo., we made trips to Cape a few times a year. We shopped for clothes, books, cars, ate at the restaurants and enjoyed much of the retail offerings in town. It was an hour-long drive for us and this was certainly something many people from the area did on a regular basis.

This week, the Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization, also known as SEMPO, had their last round of public engagement sessions for their Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan draft. On Tuesday, SEMPO hosted open houses in Cape and Jackson with over 30 people in attendance.

Cape Girardeau city planner, Ryan Shrimplin says many of those who came out were passionate cyclists particularly interested in recommended routes in the plan.