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Last Thursday, The Cape Girardeau city council met for a special budget session to review the proposed fiscal year 2019 (FY19) budget.

The discussion focused on completing projects, such as an increase in spending for public safety and continuing promises made to citizens in PRS2, which voters passed in April. Another topic of discussion, a concern among many councilmembers, was the inability to afford pay raises for city employees.

Step back in time in Cape Girardeau

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Step back in time and hear of days of old at The Red House Interpretive Center.  You will learn how the 1800s trading post was ran and the way things like pieces of eight and twisted braids of tobacco were used on the old frontier.  The Red House Interpretive Center commemorates the life of Cape Girardeau’s founder Louis Lorimier as well as Lewis and Clark’s visit to the community on November 23, 1803.  The Red House includes a number of exhibits and interpretive panels highlighting Lewis and Clark’s visit, Fren

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, the old adage says. That's good advice, but there's an assumption underlying it that ought to be challenged.

What's wrong with lemons? A life without them -- from the culinary perspective -- would be sour indeed. 

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Area Development Magazine, a national site selection publication, listed this as the third most important factor in the site selection process for new businesses.

Availability of skilled workers trailed only highway accessibility and labor costs as the most important factors in locating a new business facility. Obviously this is a major issue throughout the United States and the Cape area is no different. Talent attraction and retention are key pieces to a successful economic development effort.

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May 24 - May 30

Discover nature this week as bird song at daybreak is at its peak.

The end of May is the perfect time to learn bird calls and song. The distinction between songs and calls is based upon inflection, length, and context. Songs are longer and more complex and are associated with courtship and mating, while calls tend to serve such functions as alarms or keeping members of a flock in contact.