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There’s nothing like a good weekend at your grandparents house, especially if you come from a big family. But the bigger the family the more shenanigans there are to get into. That’s what it was like for Sikeston native Gary Howard as he tells his daughter Kate about the mischief he got into with his cousins at their grandparents home in Morehouse, Missouri.  


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Imagine hearing your earliest moments through the eyes of someone else. Like the day you were born, special moments you spent together, and where life’s endless turns have taken you now. Our next Dear Heartland entry comes from Maryellen Boswell and her grandson Shane Seyer in Cape Girardeau.


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Like most kids that hear stories about their parents wild childhood adventures they can seem a little over the top and hard to believe. And this story from Cape Girardeau Native Ramona Bailey and her daughter Peighton Robinson is no different. It’s a story about a fishing trip gone wrong--really wrong.


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This week on the show we're playing the latest from Roger Waters. He's a founding member of Pink Floyd and that band's foremost creative force from the period when Syd Barret left in 1968 until Waters himself left in 1985. His latest solo album is titled Is This The Life We Really Want?

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The Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization, or SEMPO, held two community workshops this week. They introduced a process for developing a new regional biking and pedestrian plan in Jackson and Cape Girardeau. Ryan Shrimplin, Cape Girardeau City Planner and executive director for SEMPO, says they documented public input on needs and issues regarding biking and pedestrian facilities.

“We asked them to put post-it notes or draw on the maps and make notes so that we could document those comments,” said Shrimplin.