Zarah Laurence


Zarah Laurence is a student report for KRCU.

We're wrapping up another year which means it's time to share our favorite music from 2015. This year Zarah Laurence, who is managing editor at the Southeast Arrow, has joined us to talk about the music she was most excited about this year. She also writes about music for the Arrow's blog called StompBox. Astute KRCU listeners may recognize her voice from her time as a reporter intern for the station. 

10. The Districts - A Flourish and a Spoil

A “Commit to Be Kind” event was held on March 7th in line with “Marshall the Miracle Dog’s” debut to make a statewide call to action against animal cruelty and bullying. 

Film writer, producer and director Jay Kanzler wanted to tell his story. Marshall had been a rescue dog of the Humane Society after being found victim to a hoarding situation. He was named from surviving his heart stopping three times on the operating table. 

“This movie is about a boy and his dog, each of whom have been bullied, find one another and kind of work through that toward a happy ending.”