Cape Girardeau Fire Department: Update on Construction and Renovations

May 24, 2017

Current Cape Girardeau Fire Station No. 4
Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Two years ago, Cape Girardeau voters approved a Fire Sales Tax and Public Safety Trust Fund, which allowed the Cape Girardeau Fire Department to move forward with multiple facility projects across the city. Fire Chief Rick Ennis says they are making significant progress on fire stations 1 and 2.


“The remodeling of the living quarters of fire station 2 is being completed,” Ennis said. ”We’re also doing some remodeling of the living quarters at fire station 1 which was built in 1981.”


He says they’re halfway done building the new station 4 on Lexington, which is replacing the current station 4 on Curry Lane. The station is expected to be completed by the fall.