Cape Girardeau Neighborhood Development Initiative Receives Feedback from South Cape Residents

Mar 17, 2017


Last night, the Cape Girardeau Neighborhood Development Initiative held a community meeting at Shawnee Park Center to improve Cape Girardeau’s Southside. Residents brainstormed and gave feedback to city officials and the non-profit organization, Authentic Voices, on their experiences living in Ward 2, and what changes they want to see.


South Cape resident Shelly Moore said she wants Cape Girardeau to become one, especially for the well-being of the youth.


“There’s nowhere for the children to go in south Cape [Girardeau]," Moore said. "A lot of the teenagers don’t even have jobs. Once the youth has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle or mindset, it’s easy for them to stay there and easier for others to fall into the same mindset.”

Initiative leaders compiled the feedback and say residents want to establish a community center, a farmers market, and work towards a more unified community.