Cup ‘n’ Cork Moves To New Location

Aug 20, 2014

Cup ‘n’ Cork’s aficionados will be happy to learn that the coffeehouse and bistro is moving to a bigger location a few blocks away. The business will close its current doors on Main Street on August 30th and will reopen on September 2nd at the new location at 11 S. Spanish Street.

Downtown Cape Girardeau’s coffee house owners said they decided to move because the new spot is a bigger and better place.

Patrick Abbott, co-owner of Cup ‘n’ Cork, said it is a step forward for Cup ‘n’ Cork. The new place has hardwood floors and a full kitchen, which will give them more equipments to work with.

“Our food offerings will improve and expand,” Abbott said.

The bistro’s menu was set to change before the plan to move happened. It will now be on the tables of the new location and will offer more fresh-to-order foods. Abbott mentioned a chicken Philly cheesesteak that he thinks is outstanding.

“Things will change immediately but then the big menu change will come a little bit later when I see what we are fully able to do,” added Abbott.

The bigger location will also give them the chance to serve as a venue for events.

“The cafe side will maintain the same laid back, kind of funky vibe that coffee shops should have. The left hand side will be more of a venue area. We will use it for overflow during peak times,” Abbott said. “That [the venue] will be for meetings, receptions art showings and that sort of things.”

The outdoor seating will triple and this area will allow Cup ‘n’ Cork to host music bands with full amplification while the current location is limited in space and can only receive acoustic bands or low volume electric instruments.

“When we have a band outside they can let it rip so we’ll be able to change some of our music offerings as well,” said Abbott.

Cup ‘n’ Cork is cautiously expanding its staff. A couple of new employees have already been hired and will be fully trained by the time the new location opens, and then the management will see if they need more hands or not.