Left Of The Dial #317 - Genre Bending

Apr 7, 2017

This week on the show, we’ve got your covered. We’ll be genre-bending all your favorite songs as everything we're playing is a cover. 

When Ryan Adams released an album that covered Taylor Swift's 1989 in it entirety, it was met with mixed response. Father John Misty in particular seemed rather annoyed by the project, and in what was clearly a critique of the entire exercise released a couple of his own Taylor Swift covers, performed in the style of The Velvet Underground. He quickly took them back, perhaps out of a feeling of remorse, or maybe he simply retracted his claws as an act of decency. 

For those who came here looking for that 8-bit cover of Weezer, here you go. Indeed, I was extremely delighted to learn that the Pterodactyl Squad label was still going strong, and offering up chiptunes for free. 

Finally, and this is more of a mash-up than a cover, I suppose, but... wow.