Left Of The Dial #331 - The First Station To Say 'Yes'

Apr 28, 2017

This weekend marks the release of new music from Gorillaz, the animated music sensation from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. It is packed with high-profile guests, including Vince Staples, De La Soul, and Jehnny Beth. It's politically aware, but intentionally does not reference the current administration. It broke the weekend of the inauguration with a video featuring Mercury Prize Winner Benjamin Clementine that mysteriously unfolded like a hijacked television broadcast meant to mesmerize viewers out of their stupor. 

Speaking of television, Gorillaz are reportedly coming to a screen near you.

The Mothership thought the jubilant occasion of new music from Broken Social Scene was reason enough to pull out this 2007 concert from the archives. They were right

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