Left of the Dial #433 - Insatiable Perfect Neon

Sep 22, 2017

Ariel Pink's latest album is titled Dedicated to Bobby Jameson. Jameson is a '60s-era LA singer songwriter who was long thought dead until he reemerged by way of a blog and YouTube channel in 2007. Jameson has since pass away in 2015 and Ariel Pink, using the autobiographical elements of Jameson's online presence has constructed a musical tribute to his life. 

Last week on the show I talked about how The National wanted to give Karl Rove a writing credit on their latest album. Since then I came upon this post from the fantastic retro counterculture blog Dangerous Minds about the time Warner Bros. paid royalties to poet, and would-be Ronald Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr. for the use of his words on Devo's 1982 song "I Desire." Huh. 

I couldn't play it on the show this week because it has a naughty, but my favorite song of the week comes from Petal, the project of the emo/indie musician Kiley Lotz and is called "Comfort." 

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