Let's Talk Business: West Park Mall

Aug 6, 2017

As retail continues to be challenging nationwide, the West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau is working to add new shopping opportunities.

It’s been a rough year for big box stores. With the proliferation of e-commerce, many national brands have struggled to maintain revenue in their physical locations. This challenge has been visible in malls all across the country. Many cities even have large vacant properties where malls once stood.

Despite these struggles, West Park Mall in Cape continues to not only maintain high occupancy levels, but also attract new shopping opportunities. 
In the coming year, look to see some visible improvements to the overall space. In addition, we expect to see expansion of some of our current tenants as well as a few new national brands entering the space.

Finally, the mall leadership and economic developers continues to make progress toward attracting another large box store. As a matter of fact, we recently hired a retail consultant and one of the areas of focus is the mall.

Ultimately, what we find when we talk to others around the country is that our mall is doing really well. Those of us who live here and drive by it every day don’t always recognize, but given the state of malls in many communities, we are actually very fortunate. From a customer base all throughout southeast Missouri to strong local mall leadership, we find ourselves positioned better than most.