Libertarians Nominate Bill Slantz For MO8

Feb 7, 2013

The Libertarian candidate for Missouri’s eighth congressional district will be St. Charles businessman Bill Slantz. He is a guaranteed win after his opponent, U.S. Air Force veteran Jason Williams dropped out.

Slantz is also recognized as one of the foremost experts on music performance rights and holds a strong Libertarian platform.

“I’m honored! It’s fabulous the Libertarians would consider me to represent their party here in Missouri, and I’m gonna do my best to live up to their expectations,” Slantz said.

Slantz wants to push for a number of reforms, including abolition of the U.S. Federal Reserve, which he says has outlived it’s usefulness. He also wants to eliminate the Federal Income Tax and replace it with a flat sales tax.

Slantz wants to see things change, and he’s not shy about it.

“If you’re happy with the status quo, then by all means, you know,  vote yourself a Republican or vote yourself a Democrat, and you’ll see things stay exactly as they are,” Slantz said.

Despite having only the one nominee, the eighth district Libertarian Committee will still hold their forum and nominating convention at 1:00 pm Saturday at the Scott County Courthouse.