Mo. Legislation Would Outlaw Gun Control Legislation

Feb 20, 2013

The gun control debate has taken an interesting turn in the Missouri House. Legislation has been filed that would make it a Class D felony for lawmakers to file bills that would limit citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights.

The sponsor, Republican Mike Leara of St. Louis County, says he doesn’t expect his bill to pass, and that he’s just trying to make a point.

“We have legislators, both in Washington DC and in Missouri, constantly attacking our constitutional rights under the 2nd Amendment, and I just felt it was time to give a little bit of pushback and make a statement that we’re not gonna take this anymore,” Leara said.

Democrat Stacey Newman, also of St. Louis County, says the bill makes Missouri a laughingstock.

“Things like this, they also put an emphasis on Missouri in terms of we’re the comical state, we’re the state that doesn’t take our legislation and our process seriously,” Newman said. “We’ve seen several of our legislation on comedy shows like The Daily Show.”

Newman is sponsoring legislation that would require background checks for customers at gun shows, which she says would make her a felon under Leara’s bill.