Professor of Double Reeds to Showcase New Technique

Jul 25, 2017

At the River Campus, our faculty don’t just teach. You can find them on stage and in studio performing themselves and in some cases alongside students.

This fall marks Jacqueline Wilson’s third year at Southeast, an environment she says is unlike any other. Wilson is professor of double reeds and says she enjoys the mentorship opportunity she has with her students. In addition to teaching, Wilson can also be found on stage at the River Campus as a performer. She also believes in continuing to learn and has spent her summer learning a new technique she’ll debut this year. 

"I'm learning Sequenza XII for solo bassoon by a 20th century Italian composer named Luciano Berio. The piece explores the aesthetic possibilities of the bassoon using various non-traditional methods of playing (commonly called "extended techniques"). The piece is 20 minutes long and calls for the performer to circular breath for the entirety of the piece. Circular breathing is a technique that allows a wind player to sustain sound without having to pause to breathe. Essentially, as the performer is breathing, they allow their cheeks to fill with air (typically a no-no). Once the cheeks are filled, the player closes the back of their throat with their tongue. With the throat closed, the player simultaneously blows the "saved air" from their puffed cheeks while breathing in through their note- thus they can breathe in while still making sound."

 Wilson says she’s a big fan of contemporary and modern works, even commissioning works from composers or finding hidden gems that an audience might not be exposed to. 

"I am passionate about being inclusive in my repertoire and am conscious to perform works composed by women and people of color. As a Yakama, I frequently program the works of Native American composers. "

You can hear more of Wilson on her podcast Double Reed Dish, the only double reed-specific podcast available on iTunes and Soundcloud or  in concert at the River Campus this fall and spring.

As always, more information is available at and I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!