Some River City Christmas Traditions to Enjoy

Dec 18, 2017

Christmas is almost here, and there’s still time to enjoy some holiday cheer if it’s been more hustle and bustle than cozy evenings by a fireplace. Carve out some time to enjoy these river city Christmas traditions before St. Nick makes his big trip.

Cheery lights brighten Cape County Park North every year from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. The light display began with 11 displays in 1987 as a cooperative effort to provide a spot for Cape Girardeau citizens to decorate together for the holidays. The entire county pitches in to showcase displays reflecting a Winter Holiday theme. Grab a hot chocolate and bundle the whole family in the car for a slow cruise around the park to admire favorites from years past and new displays.

Hutson’s Fine Furniture has been gathering a festive crowd since 1960 for the Thanksgiving unveiling of their holiday window. The window is in the capable hands of a third generation of Hutson’s and is available from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. every day from Thanksgiving through Christmas for viewing. Little ones glue noses to the chilly glass to gaze at Santa’s workshop, an elves motorcycle shop or other Christmasy scenes, as the display changes every year.

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