Thursday Storm Floods Roads, But Less Damaging Than Predicted

Apr 19, 2013

The weather yesterday evening wasn’t quite as bad as meteorologists had been expecting, though there were some funnel cloud sightings east of Cape Girardeau county, near Rend Lake. Fortunately there were no confirmed reports of tornadoes touching down.

The biggest concern from this recent storm was heavy rain, which caused several traffic accidents and local flooding. Residents that were in the path of the storm should be on the lookout for any flooding of streams and creeks, and be aware of large puddles in the road.

Meteorologist Robin Smith expected more severe weather from this particular storm cell, and was happy to report that not even hail managed to fall. He says flooding is the main issue.

“Local creeks, streams, your smaller drainage ditches,” Smith said. “They’re all filling up and coming across it’s banks. Heavy ponding on the roadways. More of a nuisance.”

Smith says the Mississippi River will be flooding due to the heavy rains.

“Cape Girardeau is forecasting moderate to major flooding, and that should develop by mid-week,” Smith said.

Smith doesn’t expect any more severe weather in the near future, and expects the worst of this particular storm has been seen.