Wintertime Family Fun in Cape Girardeau

Jan 29, 2018

International percussion sensation, Stomp, is at the River Campus tonight! The eight-member troupe uses everything but conventional percussion instruments, from matchboxes, brooms, garbage cans, hubcaps and more to fill the stage with magnificent rhythms. The show start at 7:30 p.m.

Winter is here, and while the water parks and walk through zoos may be shut down for the season, there is still plenty of indoor fun to be had in Cape Girardeau for little ones!

Discovery Playhouse is a great spot to spend a chilly afternoon, all cozied up inside this children's museum.  Your kiddos can climb on the fire engine, climb up a fire house and glide down the slide,  play doctor in the nursery, drive through the bank, watch a show inside the planetarium, fly and airplane and much more.  The infant play area is a sunny, shoes-off spot that your littlest ones can explore on all fours, or on two legs - the surface is soft, perfect for new walkers.

The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center has a whole day's worth of hands-on indoor fun, with aquariums filled with fish and reptiles native to the area,  a puppet theatre, an indoor beaver dam and a spot to make crayon rubbings of animal tracks, plus so much more...and entry is free!

The Cape Girardeau Public Library's children's section is a great spot to settle in and play with the gaming system, do a puzzle, read a book and explore the educational games on the computers.  The teen room offers separate space for your older kids to check out the XBox and young adult collection.  A calendar full of programming for all ages helps keep cabin fever at bay, and there are plenty of nice comfy chairs to relax in.

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