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Guns have always been a part of life in the West. Forty-two percent of Utah residents own a gun, according to a 2017 Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll. The number of Utah women who own guns has surged in the last five years.

In Search Of American Food

Jul 2, 2018

Chef Edward Lee says his new book is “the story of American food.” It is not a glossy book of food photography (there actually aren’t any food photos in the book, but more on that later). Instead, it’s a memoir, a history book and a travel guide.

Mexicans went to the polls this weekend and overwhelmingly selected Andres Manuel López Obrador as the country’s next president. The former mayor of Mexico City will be the country’s first left-leaning president in decades.

AMLO, as he’s known, comes to power amid record levels of violence in the country. In the last nine months, 132 politicians and party workers have been killed according to a new study by Etellekt, a risk analysis and crisis management firm.

The Value Of Local Journalism

Jul 2, 2018

When you think of local journalism, maybe the first thought that occurs to you is that local newsrooms are struggling.

What Do We Know About Mass Shooters?

Jul 2, 2018

On Thursday, an armed man opened fire through the glass doors of the Capital Gazette newsroom, killing five employees and injuring two others. The suspected gunman allegedly had a vendetta against the Annapolis-based newspaper, having lost a defamation case against them over a column written in 2011.