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Fridays at 9 p.m. and Saturdays at noon

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Left of the Dial takes its name from the Replacements song of the same name, and is a reference to the position of the radio dial on which non-commercial radio stations are typically located. In the era of college radio these stations were reliable sources of independent, unsigned, and otherwise “underground” artists.

Left of the Dial is a radio program molded in that tradition, with a strong focus on new music but with a flexibility to allow a variety of genres, themes, and eras to be explored.

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Jason Brown / KRCU

This week we're playing new music from Emel Mathlouthi. In 2008 her music was banned in her native Tunisia and she has since lived in Paris and New York City. In fact, during the Tunisian Revolution of 2011 her song "Kelmti Horra" became known as the anthem for the Arab Spring. Her new album is titled Ensen, which means “human,” this song is called “Ensen Dhaif (Ensen),”which means “human, helpless human.” 

Jason Brown / KRCU

I often delight in the results of what happens when one plays with music, and I found myself rather delighted to happen upon TRONICBOX. The producer somehow takes newish songs and makes them sound like they come off a VHS copy of a workout video you'd find in a thrift store. 

Jason Brown / KRCU

If you can guess where Vanessa Peters' song "Last Night Bus" is going before it hits the 48-second mark, I'll give you a Marvel-style "No-Prize." 

James Case / https://www.flickr.com/photos/capcase/

10.) Freakwater - Scheherazade

Americana with a punk sensibility is no longer reason enough to pay attention, but Freakwater have been doing it since the late ‘80s, playing open-mic gigs in strip clubs in their hometown of Louisville, KY. The urgent harmonies of Janet Bean and Catherine Irwin coupled with the dark and turbulent psych-country music form into what is truly a rebellious soundtrack for rural America.