Cape Girardeau Police Department

The Cape Girardeau Police Department will soon be hosting public forums on their upcoming implementation of body-worn cameras. A program they’ve been working on for a few years, the cameras have been partially funded through a federal grant.

Cpl. Ryan Droege, crime analyst for the department, says they’re hosting the forum to give the public a general overview of the program, and attempt to get everyone on the same page.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The Cape Girardeau Police Department recently moved from their previous location on Sprigg Street to their new headquarters located at 2530 Maria Louise Lane. Open houses have now been scheduled for the public to view the police department’s new home.


As part of the statewide U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Take Back Program, the Cape Girardeau Police Department will be hosting a take back event later this week. According to the DEA, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that 6.4 million Americans abused prescription drugs in 2015.


Lieutenant over special operations at the police department, Bradley Smith says they participate in the event to protect citizens and the environment.


The Cape Girardeau Police Department has decided to utilize body cameras for their officers on-duty. KRCU’s Lindsey Grojean spoke with public information officer Sergeant Rick Schmidt about the benefits the cameras will have on their department, the community, and the officers themselves.


So what pushed the police department in their decision to utilize body cameras with on-duty officers?

Courtesy of: Officer Richard McCall/Cape Girardeau Police Department

The Cape Girardeau Police Department recently added Dallas, a new K9 officer to its force. He completed an 8-week training program with his handler, officer Eric Steiner, and started patrol last week. The two will continue maintenance training once a week to keep up with their certification.

Public information officer Richard McCall says Dallas is filling the role of recently retired K9, Reno, and they’re looking to do the same for K9 Shupa.