Going Public


Rachel Thomas performs under the name KSRA, a stylized play on the phrase “Que sera, sera.”

It’s that let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may attitude that Thomas brings to her music, which is super-pop on the surface, but arrived at from someone who understands the importance of subtlety residing alongside big hooks. She has an ear for production, a mastery of the technology she uses, and the willingness to embrace happy accidents.

Report: Freshwater Fish Affected By Climate Change

Sep 6, 2013
Engbretson Eric / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Wikimedia Commons

A new report by the National Wildlife Federation finds freshwater fish are already beginning to feel the impact of climate change.

The report is titled “Swimming Upstream: Freshwater Fish In A Warming World.” It finds several troubles for cold water fish, such as loss of habitat and encroachment of warm water species. The report also finds that climate change exacerbates already existing problems, like habitat loss, pollution, invasive species and disease.


Phil Helfrich has always had a knack for sharing offbeat stories. As a Community Outreach Specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation he educated people on Missouri wildlife through many outlets, including a radio segment he produced for KRCU called A Face Of Conservation. Now retired, Helfrich has acted on another passion of his: songwriting. He’s recorded an album of stranger-than-fiction locales, double entendres, and Steely Dan references.

Cape CVB

Two master storytellers will once again visit Cape Girardeau as "Tunes  and Tales" comes to Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus on Friday, September 6 at 7:00 p.m.

Moshi Moshi Records

Anna Meredith pushes sound to exciting places. The Scottish composer has written music for opera, collaborated with a beatboxer, and wrote a piece titled Handsfree in which she directed the talented musicians of Great Britain’s National Youth Orchestra to perform with their instruments resting at their sides. She also makes electronic music, taking her imaginative sounds from the concert hall to your headphones. KRCU’s Jason Brown has this review of her latest EP, titled Jet Black Raider.