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Why Missouri Is Falling Short On Children's Dental Health

Jan 27, 2013
Dave Buchwald / Wikimedia Commons

The Pew Charitable Trust’s Center on the States recently released a report or oral health that didn’t speak too highly of Missouri. On an A through F scale, it gave the state a D for its efforts to provide access to dental sealants for high-need kids. Dental sealants are plastic coatings put on children’s molars after they first come in that help prevent decay.

Abbie Fentress Swanson / Harvest Public Media

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, is muscling in on one of the fastest growing segments of American agriculture: local food.


Julia Holter studied composition at the California Institute of the Arts and grabbed the attention of a number of avant music-enthusiasts, including the ever-exploring Lars Gottrich of NPR Music, with her 2011 debut titled Tragedy.

Stones Throw

In 2006 J Dilla released Donuts, a staple of underground hip hop and a crowning achievement of west coast left-field label Stones Throw. This week it’s been reissued as a box set of eight 7-inch 45’s, in other words it’s literally a box of donuts. 

Cape Girardeau is the city where the river turns a thousand tales and to go along with that theme, Cape Girardeau will once again host two renowned storytellers.

Cape Girardeau has hosted storytellers for five years now and in 2013, organizers are taking a different approach to the storytelling events to fit the busy schedules of those that would like to attend.