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The Besnard Lakes have a reputation for dwelling in cool fog. Their music is hazy and it slowly rolls along the surface. On their fourth album Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO the Montreal band continues its journey through feedback and reverb to places that are meditative and beautiful.

De-Extinction: Just Around The Corner?

Mar 29, 2013
Mike Tyler / National Geographic Magazine

We may soon have to reclassify extinction, according to a new report in National Geographic Magazine. Some species may only be “bodily extinct,” but not genetically, because scientists are closing in on the technology to clone species that no longer roam the earth.

Dayna Smith / Simon & Schuster

The Civil War was an issue of states rights, not slavery. That’s the “Big Lie” that Tracy Thompson targets in her new book, “The New Mind of the South.”

4AD Records

Stornoway take their name from the Scottish seaport town, a place that the Oxford band admits to having never visited when they chose it. They liked it because it seemed distant, and the nautical connotations are perfectly apt for the themes explored on their latest album Tales From Terra Firma.

These songs are like small voyages, too lengthy for pop but too modest to be considered epic. Lyrically the album is very story oriented, and the plots are propelled forward with ramshackle momentum.

Kander Backs Early Voting Bill

Mar 18, 2013
Missouri Secretary of State's office

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander is backing a bill in the Missouri House that would expand early voting options in the Show Me State.

Representative Myron Neth introduced the bill last week.

The bill includes provisions to allow voters to cast ballots by mail without needing to state an excuse, or vote early on voting equipment at a central location. The bill creates satellite voting locations during November Presidential elections.

Kander said the recommendations were drawn up by a bipartisan early voting commission.