Going Public

Paper Bag Records

Rachel Zeffira has already received plenty of attention for her debut album The Deserters from British media, as it’s been out in Europe for a few months. The Londoner also has some credibility as half of the experimental pop duo Cat’s Eyes and now North American audiences can appreciate why such a quiet album makes such a loud fuss.

Kathy Swan On School Grades, Other Bills

Mar 11, 2013
Missouri House of Representatives

Missouri House Representative Kathy Swan talks with KRCU’s Jacob McCleland about a wide variety of issues in Jefferson City.

Rep. Swan discusses her bill to give a letter grade to schools, a voter identification bill, a Republican alternative to Governor Nixon’s Medicaid expansion, and a workplace discrimination bill.

Merge Records

Mount Moriah is southern, geographically, but more importantly stylistically. It’s in their name that they share with countless Baptist churches standing stoically around the region. It’s in the forlorn faces they wear in front of abandoned buildings for press photos. And it’s there sonically, in the form of crossover-friendly roots music, and it’s easy to imagine it as the output of restless creatives doing something with their time in rural America.

Disaster Bird

Disaster Bird is a torrential downpour of folk sounds and rock music. Their debut album ‘Til The Stars Give Up was just released, and KRCU’s Jason Brown spoke with Brian and Jess Perry from the band to find out among other things, what a “Disaster Bird” is.

“I have pretty poor penmanship, says Brian, and we had kind of started the band and were looking for a good name for it, and I was just writing down a bunch of ideas in a notebook.”

Bloodshot Records

Sometime during the 1940’s, likely during World War II as US soldiers ventured out with country music in tow, Aboriginal Australian people took hold of and embraced the music, and used it as a vehicle to drive their heartbreaking plight of racial oppression. This aboriginal country music was pioneered by Jimmy Little and would go on to include such artists as Bobby McLeod and Harry and Wilga Williams.