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Labor Unions Continue Push Back to 'Right to Work' Law

Feb 17, 2017
Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/KRCU

Missouri became the 28 right-to-work state when Gov. Eric Greitens signed it into law earlier this month. The legislation prohibits employers and labor unions from requiring employees to shell out dues. But the new law hasn’t been without opposition from unions statewide. Mark Baker who is a business representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is against the new law and says it’s an attempt to drive down wages.

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On why he's opposed to the legislation

A Conversation with Civil Rights Activist Dr. Mary Frances Berry

Jan 27, 2017

 Dr. Mary Frances Berry a highly regarded author and civil rights activist was this year's keynote speaker for the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Berry's activism in the early 80s was spent fighting against the apartheid in South Africa. She was even arrested a few times for her efforts. But her call to activism started with another civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and that's where our conversation begins.


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An Interview with Riders in the Sky

Jan 27, 2017
Courtesy of Riders in the Sky

Riders in the sky are a cowboy quartet that sing classic Westerns. But the group is best known for lending their vocal stylings to two beloved children's classics: Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc., which they earned two Grammys for. Tonight they'll be singing at the Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall at Southeast's River Campus. KRCU’s Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with Ranger Doug the group's lead singer before tonight's performance.


Why a Cape Girardeau Woman is Marching in Washington

Jan 19, 2017
Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/KRCU

Nearly 200,000 people are gearing up to join the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday. The grassroots movement has garnered widespread support from women all over the country to stand in solidarity for women’s rights. Dr. Julie Ray, the Department Chair of Elementary, Early and Special Education at Southeast Missouri State University is one of many women from the Southeast Missouri area making the trip to D.C.

Going Public: City of Jackson Sets Sights on Expansion

Jan 13, 2017
Marissanne Lewis-Thompson/KRCU

From talks of a new police station to more businesses coming to the area, 2017 will be another year of add-ons and improvements to the city of Jackson. Mayor Dwain Hahs joined KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson in the studio to talk about it.


Lewis-Thompson:  Infrastructure wise in 2016, it was a pretty big year for Jackson. And one of the main projects that became the center of attention was the roundabout. So how has the traffic flow been since the completion of that roundabout?