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When I ask my health communication students to describe what childbirth is like, based on what they have seen on TV, they mention dramatic deliveries, perfectly clean newborns and instantly skinny mothers.

The unrealistic images my students are describing are a result of cultivation theory. The more we see something depicted, the more we believe that is the reality, especially if we don’t have any real experience to compare it to.

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If someone near you collapsed right now, would you be able to perform CPR? How about open heart surgery? This example is used by Heather Williams, a Substance Abuse Specialist at  Cape Girardeau’s Community Counseling Center  as she begins training a new group of Mental Health First Aid students.

I’m Brooke Hildebrand Clubbs, Director of Health Communication at Southeast Missouri State University and I recently became one of the one million people who have completed a Mental Health First Aid course.


May 17, 2017
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since the pre-vaccine era, there has been more than a  99% decrease in mumps cases in the United States. However, outbreaks can occur when people are in a crowded environment.

Here on our campus, we recently had a mumps outbreak, with 54 confirmed cases. What are the mumps and how did they make a comeback in Cape Girardeau?

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"My pain is invisible, so is the pain you inflict when you don’t believe me." This quote, shared by Fibromyalgia News Today was well received by its readers, who claimed it very accurately reflected their daily struggles.

May 12 is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

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You sometimes hear students talking about how they will never use algebra in real life. Well, I don’t frequently diagram sentences or play badminton, but that doesn’t mean the time I spent in school on these activities wasn’t worthwhile.

It’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.