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Every Tuesday at 6:31 a.m. and 8:31 a.m., Stacy Dohogne Lane provides a rundown of some of the events happening in the Cape Girardeau Area. Stacy is the Director of Public Relations with the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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Step back in time in Cape Girardeau

May 21, 2018
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Step back in time and hear of days of old at The Red House Interpretive Center.  You will learn how the 1800s trading post was ran and the way things like pieces of eight and twisted braids of tobacco were used on the old frontier.  The Red House Interpretive Center commemorates the life of Cape Girardeau’s founder Louis Lorimier as well as Lewis and Clark’s visit to the community on November 23, 1803.  The Red House includes a number of exhibits and interpretive panels highlighting Lewis and Clark’s visit, Fren

Explore Nature and Enjoy the Outdoors in Cape Girardeau

May 14, 2018
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Spring is here and it opens up the outdoors to us and our young ones.  The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center has a variety of interesting activities where you and that special person can explore pollination, tadpoles and plant germination that may be living right in your own yard.  Learn from the naturalist and then, go home and do a little exploration and uncover the plants and animals there.

"Tunes at Twilight" is Back!

May 7, 2018
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Is there anything better than sitting with the trees gently swaying in the whispering wind as you wait for the music to begin? The air is filled with the aroma of hamburgers on the grill and friends spread an infectious excitement as they gather in Ivers Square.  "Tunes at Twilight" has started again and with the end of each performance we are in anticipation of the next.

It's First Friday with the Arts in Downtown Cape

Apr 30, 2018
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April showers not only bring May Flowers but, a lot of inspiration from the art world.  The galleries are full of creativity at its finest.  The First Friday with the Arts is a community-centered event.

Madame Girardeau: Her Story

Apr 23, 2018
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Ensign Girardot's establishment of a trading post at Cape Rock put our river town on the map in the early 1700s. Volunteer Charlotte Slinkard at the Cape River Heritage Museum is traveling the country to research Cape Girardeau's earliest European history, and the story of Girardot's wife Therese quickly grabbed her attention. As the Cape River Heritage Museum prepares to open for the season this month, don't hesitate to stop by this former police and fire station to learn more about the early days of Cape Girardeau from the perspective of pioneering Therese Girardeau.