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Every Monday at 6:31 a.m. and 8:31 a.m., Shad Burner provides information on what's happening in the area of regional development in Southeast Missouri. Shad is the Vice President of Business Development with the Cape Chamber.

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Government, everyone’s favorite topic. OK, maybe not, but it is an important topic and one we try to stay updated on.  

Part of the chamber’s service to the business community is to build relationships with local, state and federal elected and full-time government officials. Most of the time our businesses don’t need anything from the government, but when they do, it can be really impactful on their business. Whether it’s new regulation hindering them or new proposed legislation that would make it easier for them to add jobs, it’s important for us to be there when it counts.

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One of the most common challenges businesses here and across the country face is the lack of soft skills. As a community, we are focused on doing something about it. 

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Each year, the chamber gives the Rush H. Limbaugh Award to an outstanding local individual who has made incredible contributions to our community. 

The Rush H. Limbaugh award recipient list reads like a veritable who’s who of Cape Girardeau. For several years, we’ve honored business leaders, mayors, philanthropists and much more. The past recipients gather each year to select the new winner. This year, Bob Neff, General Manager at Ford Groves was chosen.

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At the recent Chamber Annual Dinner, we announced the Small Business and Ambassador of the Year awards. 

You may have met some of the Chamber ambassadors out and about in the community. This group of incredibly dedicated individuals represent our Chamber every single day. They do so much to strengthen our entire business community…giving tons of time and energy. So, coming out on top in this group is a major accomplishment.

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Some leaders say “what if we train our people and they leave?” Others say, “what if we don’t train our people and they stay?” 

As we move into a new year, like many, I find myself thinking about professional development. The saying about training isn’t new, but it is certainly still relevant. And there’s really no better time to think about professional development than the beginning of the year.