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Every Monday at 6:31 a.m. and 8:31 a.m., John Mehner provides information on what's happening in the area of regional development in Southeast Missouri. John is the President and CEO of the Cape Chamber.

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Job Creation

Jan 7, 2018
Cape Chamber

In economic development, our number one goal is for our community to have more jobs. So, how exactly does that happen? 

Politicians always talk about job creation as if the government is responsible. I can tell you this, there is only one group truly responsible for job creation and that is businesses. In my roles as an economic developer, I certainly don’t create jobs, but rather simply work to clear the way for those jobs to be created.

Cape Chamber

The 1st50k startup competition has gone through 3 rounds, receiving hundreds of applications representing 31 states and 39 countries.

A substantial part of our economic future will be built on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. Fortunately, when I speak with other small metro markets, it’s clear this is one area where we really shine. Cape has a rich history of entrepreneurs. Today, the heartbeat of that activity is in the Marquette Tech District and nothing more exemplifies this than the 1st50k competition.

Cape Chamber

Have you ever stood on the banks of the Mississippi and watched the barges? They’re really incredible to see. Well, until the early 90s, those barges represented tremendous economic activity for our region that we could only watch as they floated by.

In 1990, the SEMO Port opened it’s 1800’ harbor and forever changed what those barges on the Mississippi would mean to us. Today, the port has several tenants covering approximately 70 acres and they move 1.2 million tons of material by barge each year…an incredible amount.

Cape Chamber

Let’s continue to take a closer look at the CEOs of our largest employers. Last week we heard from Ken Bateman, CEO of SoutheastHEALTH. Today, we hear from Maryann Reese, CEO of Saint Francis Healthcare System. She spoke, along with Bateman, at the Cape Chamber's First Friday Coffee on December 1, 2017.

Cape Chamber

The CEOs of both area hospitals spoke at the Cape Chamber's First Friday Coffee on Friday, December 1, 2017 and shared a little about themselves. 

First up, Ken Bateman, CEO of SoutheastHEALTH: